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Rock Lake Publications by J. Price PH.D at The Rose Gallery

New Exciting Publications!

The Rose Gallery and Believe Team is very pleased to feature two new interesting and educational publications from local author and historian, J. Price, PH.D. – "Ancient Ojibway, Sauk and Winnebago Cosmology: Myth, Mound and Artifact" and "Rock Lake's Stellar 'Pyramids': Legends of Wisconsin's Sunken Site". Both publications are absorbing reads for anyone researching local history and intrigued about Rock Lake.

Rock Oil Candles at The Rose Gallery

Rock Oil Candles!

We are pleased to introduce Rock Oil Candles by Natural Source. These unique candles are creatively crafted from stones of various types, including jasper and slate. Just fill the glass resevoirs underneath the rocks with a scented oil such as citronella, soak and fray the top of the wick and light! Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Art Glass Soap Dishes at The Rose Gallery

Art Glass Soap Dishes!

We're excited to again feature these very colorful and creative art glass soap dishes by Joan Price. Each dish is truly a work of art and will make an outstanding decorative accent for your home. Pair a dish with a luxurious bar of goats milk soap and you're ready for a spa day!

Art Glass Pendants at The Rose Gallery

Art Glass Pendants!

We are also pleased to have Joan Price's art glass jewelry in the store. Stop in and discover any of her unique handcrafted pendants and earrings. Add a chain to any pendant - we have many lengths available.

Hematite and Jasper at The Rose Gallery

New Rocks!

We just got in more fantastic Hematite and Jasper specimens newly mined personally for us in Michigan's Iron Mountain Range. Outstanding for grounding and working with the root chakra! Stop in and take some home today! Many Blessings, The Rose Gallery and Believe Team

Prairie Sage at The Rose Gallery

Prairie Sage

We're very pleased to bring you this prairie sage (Artemisia ludoviciana) which is grown and harvested locally. All natural, it's sold loose by the bag and is wonderful for smudging. We have a limited supply, so please stop in and take some home soon!

New Books and Cards at The Rose Gallery

Books and Cards!

We've restocked many of our best selling books and cards, including Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, the Crystal Bibles and Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall, Doreen Virtue card decks and much more! Stop in and add a book to your library or a card deck to your reading practice today!

Pyramids at The Rose Gallery


Experience pyramid power with your choice of gemstone pyramids in various types and sizes

Pyramids at The Rose Gallery

Bloodstone Pyramid!

A close-up of the bloodstone pyramid from the photo above. This is a truly unique piece.

Crystal Skulls at The Rose Gallery

Crystal Skulls!

We have a very nice selection of Crystal Skulls and have added a few more to fill in our collection. Ancient cultures were aware that carving crystals into the shape of a human skull increased their power to affect healing and human consciousness on all levels. Our crystal skulls are available in a variety of gemstones and ready for you to experience their properties today.

Rose Quartz at The Rose Gallery

Rose Quartz!

We have a marvelous selection of Rose Quartz pyramids and massage wands that just came in. Bring joy and compassion into your life with Rose Quartz.

Labradorite Half Spheres at The Rose Gallery

Labradorite Half Spheres!

These labradorite half spheres are extremely unique. Polished on one side and raw on the other, thay have a beautiful blue flash. Labradorite is stone of transformation and is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It is an ideal stone for protection as well.