Angel/Psychic Fair

What is an Angel/Psychic Fair? It's a gathering of like-minded individuals seeking guidance, fellowship and support as well as a time to focus on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Among the many events that happen that day are: Tarot Readings, Angel Readings, Palmistry, ionSpa Detoxification, Reiki, Therapeutic Massage and more...Like us on Facebook, friend us on Google Plus or subscribe to our Email List to receive a list of available readers and practitioners on the Thursday before each Monthly Angel/Psychic Fair.
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The Following Readers and Wellness Practitioners may participate in our Angel/Psychic Fairs.
Please call 920–648–3973 to check on availability and to schedule an appointment with them.

∗∗∗Note: Our readers are independent contractors. Please plan to pay by cash or check. Thank you.∗∗∗

Brenda Lewis – Psychic Medium and Palm Reader

Since an early age, Brenda has been blessed with the gifts of clairsentience and an inquisitive mind. These talents have lead her along numerous paths in life that few seldom trod. Let this gifted and insightful lady shine light onto your pathways through palmistry and the eyes of a psychic.

15 Minutes – $20.00 | 30 Minutes – $40.00

Jay Fox – Animal–Wise Tarot Reader

Jay has been reading cards for over 40 years. His intuition and inspired animal-guide interpretation has helped many people to grow with newfound insight. This talented Tarot Reader of Native American ancestry will show you the Animal-Wise way of working through life's issues, and how the wisdom of your animal-guides can assist and support you on your life's journey.

15 Minutes – $20.00 | 30 Minutes – $40.00

Darlynn Joy – Lenormand Reader

Over 30 years ago Darlynn was awakened to the appreciation of her intuitive gifts which progressed from a heightened psychic awareness to a path of truth seeking and enlightenment. She practices a variety of modalities and is a spiritual healer, new consciousness teacher, life strategy coach, Ordained Officiate and Reiki Master.

Lenormand cards are a deck of 36 cards with simple images containing fairly literal, concrete meanings (as opposed to tarot cards, which can have many meanings and metaphors). Darlynn's Lenormand readings unlock the secrets of your destiny and reveal the knowledge hidden within as well as reveal truths, secrets, and events around us.

15 Minutes – $20.00 | 30 Minutes – $40.00

Penelope Hanson, MSN, CHTP⁄I – Akashic Record Reader

Penelope has over 40 years of experience in Nursing, Health Care and Education with a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN). She is a certified practitioner of Akashic Record Reading, Healing Touch, Reiki, and Peace Meditation, as well as a student of shamanism. She designs each session specifically for your unique needs.

15 Minutes – $20.00 | 30 Minutes – $40.00

Vicki Larsen – Body/Emotion Code, CranioSacral Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Reiki, Esoteric Healing, Detox Footbath

Vicki Larsen is a certified CranioSacral Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher who also specializes in Body/Emotion Code Work and the other techniques listed above. Body Code work is a way of communicating with the body's subconscious mind to find the root cause of symptoms which are then gently released by running a magnet down the governing meridian. She will be available for any of these techniques. Come try out one of Vicki's bodywork sessions and experience the benefits! Call ahead to save a spot.

Body/Emotion Code sessions: $40/half hour and $60/45 minutes
Reiki and CranioSacral: $40/half hour and $60/45 minutes
Ionizing Foot Bath: 30 minutes/$40.00

A special thanks to guest readers and practitioners:

  • Breeze Ann – Tarot Reader
  • Kelly Noel Rasmussen – Angel Oracle Card Reader
  • Clayton Bowman – Spirit Artist & Intuitive/Guide Reader
  • Deb Myren – Numerology
  • Colleen Calvy – Tarot Reader
  • Dr. Karen Moon – Health Reader
  • Sally Tamplin – Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Karen Reynolds – Reiki
  • Dr. Cheryl Peterson – Chiropractic Massage
  • Christina Wilke-Burbach – Chakra Reader, Intuitive Aromatherapist, Holistic Healer, Reiki Master Teacher
  • Linda Longrie – Health Intuitive
  • Diana Lee – Psychic & Guide Reader
  • Chief Robert & Terri Lynn TallTree – Inspirational Speakers
  • Joe Rothengass – Stone Reader & Stone Therapy
  • Lisa Rothengass – Intuitive Jewelry
  • Barbara Kruk – Animal Totem Reader
  • Kristy Westbrook – Tarot, Palmistry and Rune Stones Reader
  • Lori Falk – Angel Reader & Artist
  • Jill Armentrout – Chair Massage
  • Jonna – The Happy Medium
  • Karen Krchma – SCIO